On October 23, Homies on Donkeys teams up with Charlie's Bar
to deliver Mexican food and drink right to your E17 front door

What does a Meal on Wheels include?

Each meal is designed for two people. For £30, you’ll receive a taco pack with all cooked ingredients packed cold and ready to reheat at home; a Mexican-inspired aperitif to enjoy while you warm up your food, and the cost of delivery is included too!


In your taco pack, you’ll find one filling of your choice (meat or veg) and 6 fresh corn tortillas. To dress your tacos you’ll get portions of pink pickled onions, coriander, pico de gallo and signature Homies on Donkeys spicy salsa.

Homies on Donkeys taco pack

For our meat-lovin’ homies: Our award-winning Cochinito in Chipotle. Shredded pork butt cooked low and slow in a smoky chipotle and tomato salsa.

For our plant-based homies: Papitas adobadas. Roasted potatoes and onions with a portion of Smokey’s legendary refried beans.

Charlie's Okie Dokie Artichoky aperitif

A cocktail for two handcrafted by the one and only Charlie’s Bar. Blanco tequila, dry vermouth, Cynar Negroni Style. Serve over ice and enjoy while you warm up your tacos!

Orders and delivery

Orders can be placed from 6 pm on Tuesday, October 20. Deliveries will be made on Friday, October 23, between 12pm and 5pm We’ll have a limited number of meals available as this is a trial run - order early to avoid disappointment!